Posted on Feb 11, 2022
A reminder from Trish:
Happy Rotarians included Vicky for a great day of golf; Nicole for being covid free; Ken for a great food bank night; Charlotte for her new niece Coco; and for our left-handers: Bill, Herb, Lew, & Steve; and especially Charles who brought this picture of a good-looking Captain George and son Bill, on his way to recovery from knee-cap surgery
Sandy Levine was approved as a new member at the Wednesday Board Meeting and will be given his Red Badge at the next meeting - IN PERSON at the Hilton on 2/18. Come and welcome him!! And hopefully we can present Nicole with her Blue Badge which she has earned by completing all the requirements.
We had a great Club Assembly focusing on Membership which Vicky began by reminding us that Rotary has been around 116 years, is in 200 countries, and has over 1.2 million members.
Susan then gave a great power point emphasizing the importance of bringing in new members and reminding everyone of the goal:
We then broke into groups to discuss further ideas to grow our club led by Vicky, Paul, Molly, and Susan. Ideas included:
  • ASK
  • Focus on businesses using corporate memberships, church groups, friends, friends' grown children, and spouse memberships
  • Focus on stewardship and invite potential members to service projects
  • Remember 62 is the new 40
  • Set aside time to focus on this
  • Have socials every other month at the Hilton to get to know perspective members and they us
Next Perspective Membership Day will be April 8 with District Attorney Summer Stephan as our guest speaker