Thank you for having an interest in our Rotary Club.  This paper briefly describes the Six Steps for Joining our Club, our Red Badge Requirements, and the Monetary & Time Commitments expected of members.

Six Steps for Joining our Club:

  1. Attend our Rotary Club meeting, which is held nearly every Friday morning at 7:00 a.m. at the Del Mar Hilton Hotel.  At the meeting, you will be introduced to the Club.  If you indicate a continuing interest, you will be assigned a “Mentor” to help you learn more about Rotary and the Club.  NOTE:  The club pays for the first breakfast.  It is the responsibility of the prospective member to pay for all additional meeting breakfasts.
  2. Your Mentor will set up an informal, private meeting with you.  At the private meeting, your Mentor will explain Rotary International and our Club, including the “Red Badge Requirements” in detail.
  3. After you attend three or more regular club meetings and/or club functions and express a sincere interest in becoming a Rotarian, your mentor may propose to the Board of Directors that you become a Red Badge member.  Membership is by invitation only.
  4. At the next appropriate Club meeting following an affirmative vote by the board, you will be inducted into the Club as a Red Badge member and presented a temporary red badge, a Rotary pin, and other Rotary items and information.
  5. You will be expected to complete the “Red Badge Requirements” within a reasonable time period.  Your mentor will work with you throughout the Red Badge period as appropriate.
  6. After you have successfully completed the “Red Badge Requirements” and the Board has voted affirmatively, the Club’s President, with your Mentor, will induct you into our Rotary Club as a “Blue Badge” member. 


Red Badge Requirements: 

To be accepted as a regular (blue badge) member in the Del Mar–Solana Beach Rotary Club, certain “tasks” must be completed within a reasonable time period. 

While completing these tasks, a new member is considered a “Red Badge” member.  He/she should attempt to attend all club functions and will be considered and treated as a regular member.

The following are the required tasks, which must be completed prior to being accepted as a regular member in our Rotary Club: 


  1. Have a 2nd meeting (or more) with assigned Mentor.
  2. Attend five consecutive Club meetings.  (Excused missed meetings allowed.)
  3. Attend a district-level Rotary function.
  4. Make up at another Rotary Club meeting and report items of interest to home club
  5. Bring a Guest to a meeting
  6. Give a “Who am I” talk at a regular meeting
  7. Attend a Club Board meeting
  8. Be a Greeter for one meetings
  9. Participate on a Club Committee
  10. Submit photo and profile for directory to the Membership Chair.


Monetary and Time Commitment:

In addition to a one-time $75 new-member fee, the annual “Monetary Commitment” for the Del Mar–Solana Beach Rotary Club is currently as follows



Annual Dues (paid semi-annually)   $200  
Breakfast Fees (paid quarterly)   $800  
Recognitions (“Fines” & “Happy Dollars”)  
  $50-    $200+
Rotary Foundation Donation    $150
 (or more) 
Contributions to Other Good Causes (optional)  
$50 -
(or more) 
                          Typical Total         $1,250  


The “Time Commitment” for the Del Mar-Solana Beach Rotary Club is as follows:

The Del Mar–Solana Beach Rotary Club meets almost every Friday morning at 7:00 a.m. until 8:30 a.m.  One of the main expectations of Rotary International is that each member attend his/her individual Rotary Club meetings weekly.  If you are unable to attend meetings occasionally, you can “make-up” attend meetings at other Rotary Clubs. In San Diego there are approximately 65 Rotary Clubs that meet weekly.  

Our Club has service and social activities in addition to Club Board and Committee meetings.  We understand that each member cannot attend all activities; however, the more time you are able to spend on these activities, the more you will receive back from Rotary.  We expect your involvement in many, if not most, club activities and other meetings.