Posted by K2 on Nov 03, 2017
Suzanne was born in Burbank, CA in the San Fernando Valley. Her dad was a single family doctor who practiced out of the same office for over 50 years, even doing house calls in his 60's. 
Her parents were originally from Shreveport, LA. Here mom was born and raised on a plantation in the country and while her dad's family lived in town. Every year her parents and her older brother would make the trek across Texas by car or train to stay with her grandmother in the country. It was a great place to be in the summer, except for the heat. Every day Suzanne would ride horse in the cotton and corn fields, then help move cattle from pasture to pasture or check fences. It was great!
Right after high school Suzanne went to a boarding school in Lausanne, Switzerland where girls as young as 12 attended. She met some wonderful girls there including 6 that she still keeps in touch with. They are currently planning a 50+ year reunion. Upon returning Suzanne went to the University of Missouri, the same college her dad attended, and earned a degree in Business. 
Six months later her and Bill got married and began their service in the Marines, moving 11 times in 3 years. Everything they owned could fit in a Dodge Coronet. After the military they moved to Santa Monica. While Bill attended law school, Suzanne began work at Security Pacific Bank.
Eventually they moved back to San Fernando Valley to be closer to family where Suzanne spent the first 9 years working for a private school. Then began a 25 year stretch where she worked for multiple people at the same time including a CPA, realtor, landscape architect and a wealthy business man. This allowed her the flexibility to do things like join her mom on many family cruises. For the last one, after her mom passed away, they had a special ceremony with the captain, several officers and family members as they buried her mother at sea. 
These days, Suzanne enjoys spending time with her 2 children, their spouses and her 3 grandchildren (including a new grandson). She also volunteers at the library and garden club. For fun Suzanne reads and scours travel magazines trying to figure out where to go to next. If it's in Europe, it will have to include a trip to Latvia.
Answers to the three questions:
     - Favorite movie: To Kill A Mockingbird
     - First 60 minutes of the day: Coffee, checking what time it is in Latvia
     - Saying on Billboard: Be Kind