Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Sep 29, 2017
This was another day of stories by Jon Fish and Ambassador award for George Sousa. Jon grew up in New Jersey and was inspired by nature when he went to a summer camp in Maine. He also developed a passion for skiing. He went to Harvard to do MBA and met Charles Foster there. Later he joined the Navy and to his surprise met Charles there again! His first employer was (Viks?) and he worked there are treasurer and apparently he said it went bankrupt. That brought some laughter from the audience and someone asked what did he do to bankrupt it :-). He had a son and a daughter from his first marriage and then in 2003 married Barbara and now they have 8 grand children. He has been a member of our Rotary club since 1995. He also made 3 trips to India with other club members.
MORNING RITUAL: Walk his dog, check emails and work on Bocce :-).
HIS BILL-BOARD SLOGAN: Make Today Count For Others!
George Sousa displayed all his pictures and the special Ambassador award presented by Republic of Korea for his service during the Korean war.