Posted on Jul 21, 2023
VVSD STAND DOWN is a 3-day outdoor event designed to guide homeless veterans, and those at risk of homelessness, to services that rapidly remove barriers caused by medical, legal, mental health, and substance use concerns.

We are grateful for the 100+ agencies and over 3,000 volunteers who have offered personalized care to each veteran.

Thank you all (& any others  I have forgotten to include) for supporting the Club effort at the Water Tent @ VVSD Stand Down 2023
We "did good and served others" so, as Malcolm would say, you should move your "Rotary 4-Way Test Coin" to the other pocket.
Top Left: Charles Foster, Bill Sutton, Steve Weitzen
Bottom Left: Jon Fish, Charles Fost
Bottom Right: Bill Sutton, Jan Parsons, Suzanne Sutton, Charles Koll
Also Volunteered:
Vicky Mallett & Barbara Berkovich
Ken Barrett & Paul Butler
Kevin & Sibylle Cahill
Sandy LeVine
Charlotte Jones
Molly Fleming
Mark & Susan Hennenfent
Kirk Collins