Posted by K2 on Oct 27, 2017
DMSB Rotary member Sanjiv Prabhakaran recently met with our global partner club for a Paraplegic Project in Ottapalam, Kerala, India. This Global Grant will support the clinic in Ottapalam that trains paraplegic individuals to become independent and self-sustaining so they can start their own business or find jobs that they can handle independently.
During Sanjiv's visit he met the paraplegic care unit's chairman Mr. Ravi, the highly motivated patient Ajay, Ottapalam Rotary President Raj Mohan, Rotarian Koman and International chair Ram and his wife Rotarian Nirmala. The Ottapalam Rotary club will provide necessary business training and on-going support. 
Ajay was a bright engineering student who got pushed out of a crowded speeding train and became quadriplegic for life, BUT never lost his attitude towards life. He kept working hard towards rehabilitation and using his voice to control his computer and become productive by building web sites and helping Sanjiv's company with miscellaneous Word and Excel tasks. The grant we are working on will provide equipment such as; specialized wheel chairs, sewing machines and 3-wheel motorized scooters for patients like Ajay.