Posted on Feb 03, 2023
Susan spent a wonderful week with her mom in Arizona
Patricia encouraged everyone to get a heart workup to catch any blocked arteries like she had
Beverly was the high bidder at $75 for a Rotary/Ukraine pin that Bill supplied
Malcolm is off to PETS this weekend along with Steve, reviewing duties as President-Elect
There is one day left to donate to the Kitty McGee Memorial Fund in honor of our long time friend and supporter. We have raised $540 to date
Herb reported that we have raised $4100 ($2300 from club members + $1800 from our international budget) for our project to help kids in El Salvador through OEF, which will be matched by Ildiko. 
Click on this link to watch a video of some of their activities:
The next blood drive will be March 18
Susan & Barbara attended the membership workshop on zoom last Saturday, which focused on attracting young professionals. When looking for new members, remember how much Rotary has done for you and pass on that opportunity to others so they can also benefit 
We were happy to have the Mayor of Del Mar, Tracey Martinez speak with us this morning. This female, Latino, nurse has been on the City Council for three years and will be serving in this rotating term as mayor for one year.  She feels that one of the most difficult tasks ahead is meeting the affordable housing requirements and dealing with ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) and SP9 expansion issues. On a happier note, the City will receive $300 million to do an environment study on moving the train tracks off the bluff.
Susan presented Tracey with our OEF certificate that the above video highlights of our activities in El Salvador