Happy Rotarians included George for having his two sons, Jim & Bill, with us today; Susheela for Venky's successful knee surgery; Lew for his and Sue's 51st Wedding Anniversary on Sunday; Jon for his 78th Birthday on Sunday
George Kamau Karuku, President-Elect of the Ruiru-Nairobi Rotary Club is visiting from Kenya where we are doing a global grant for an orphanage called Praisegate
Paul, in his last duties as Foundation Chair, presented Lew with his Paul Harris plus 3 pin for contributions over $4000 to the Foundation. He also reported we are again at 100% for donations by all members thus fulfilling the goal of EREY: Every Rotarian Every Year
Bob Brewer, Special Ops Ranger shot down during the Vietnam War, talked about the Vietnam Veteran; gave us a chronological history that led up to our involvement in Vietnam; and shared  the disillusionment with the war as it progressed due to lies told to the public by the government. He encouraged everyone to visit the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington DC and remember the National Vietnam War Veterans Day each year on March 29. As he said, the best words a returning vet can hear is "Welcome Home".