Posted on Oct 16, 2020
  • Patricia is selling BocceFest Celebration of Giving hats & visors for $20 that Bill was kind enough to purchase for the club
  • Malcolm continues to amuse us with his videos: Lew highlighted with the song Bleeding Love in honor of his chairing the October 31 Blood Drive
  • Wishing Susan an early Happy Birthday for her October 24 celebration. Looking Good!!
  • Paul encouraged everyone to sign up for the End Polio Now Walk being promoted by the Pacific Beach Rotaract Club on Saturday, October 24 and anytime during the following week. Register at, order shirts, shoes, or masks, and join us at 8:45am on the 24th at Powerhouse Park in Del Mar. Currently signed up: President Herb, First Lady Beverly, Sir Charles, Venky Octogenarian, Charlotte & Kids, Patricia the Party Girl, Jan Webmaster, and Paul with Bionic Knee.
  • Barbara Khozam was our speaker talking about Zapping Negativity & Igniting Yourself and Your Life.
  • Joke of the Day from Charlotte: What does a blueberry and chicken have in common? Both are blue, except the chicken.