Posted on Jun 10, 2022
Steve reported on the Convention in Houston which he attended, along with 10,000-11,000 other Rotarians - half the number of previous attendees with Asia & Europe underrepresented. One of the largest breakout sessions was on human trafficking with many countries interested in finding  ways to prevent it. He also reported over $50 million have been raised by Rotary to eradicate polio
Join Kevin & Patricia in donating new or slightly used shoes for Nova Ukraine all of June
Malcolm generously gave many more than six 6-packs of specially crafted Lager for Ukraine which Viewpoint created to raise funds to help the people of Ukraine, but they went fast
Happy Rotarians were Charles who attended his school reunion & for Loyal Soccer Team tickets supporting last year's LobsterFest; Charlotte for Lief's graduation from 4th grade; Paul for his trip to Arizona to visit mom and son; Jan for the opportunity to join Parkland school shooting survivors' March For Our Lives in San Diego tomorrow at the Admin Building from 10:00-12:00 (join her at the Nobel Trolley Station at 9:00am if you'd like to participate)
and we surprised Suzanne a week early with a birthday card signed by club members for her June 17 Birthday
Di shared our long term commitment to The Nature Collective where we & the Solana Beach Eco Rotary Club will be doing a District Grant,  before introducing Jennifer Bright, Associate Director and Elayna Flanders, Volunteer Director. Jennifer updated us on the completion of their lagoon restoration project and Elayna talked about various volunteer opportunities. 
Bill, acting President today, gave them our Joshua Orphan Care certificate along with a six pack of Lager for Ukraine