Posted on May 06, 2022
Goodbye, Good Luck & Thank You Phil as you ride off into the sunset of retirement
Bill presented him with a card signed by all, a box of popcorn, chocolates, & champagne to send him on his way
Even though Herb & Beverly were in Oregon (using a LobsterFest auction item), Herb was able to fine members for not wearing pins and not sharing a recent anniversary (he caught Susan, Ken, and Vicky (who just celebrated her 14th year with Farmers)
$6000 has been donated by club members and friends to help the victims in Ukraine, and we hope it can be matched
LobsterFest is set for September 17 with our flamenco guitarist, James Clarkston back along with Trish and Hot Rocks San Diego. Bill & Suzanne are again sponsoring a table for active military and sponsorship for a retired military table is available
Our own Steve Weitzen updated us on efforts to eradicate human trafficking in San Diego which include education and awareness.  This $32 billion industry includes organ, slave labor, and sex trafficking. Visit our district website at for more information