We continue to pray for peace in Ukraine
It was with heavy hearts that we said good-by & honored Lou today as he joins other Rotarians in the sky - he will be greatly missed and lovingly remembered 
  • Vicky began by remembering his smile and wry humor, and reminded us that he seldom missed a meeting in his 40+ years in Rotary
  • Steve remembered many golf outings with Lou, along with his love of Stand Down
  • Paul thought of their military background and Lou's dedication to being the best ref at Bocce
  • Herb recalled his love of Rotary and golf (Lou has asked that donations in his honor be made to our club)
  • Kevin enlightened us to Lou's inventive soul with patents involving golf
  • Bill thought of their mutual Marine background and how active Lou was with the Marine Aircraft Museum at Miramar
  • Ken shared that Lou was responsible for bringing him into Rotary, and reminded us to thank those who have made a difference in our lives while we still can
It was fun to see Mauer on zoom as Charlotte gave 12 Happy $$ for his 12th birthday today
A big thank you to Bill for getting the Rotary Wheel  from George, so Jan could use it as today's Fine Master. The wheel was generous to the club as it landed on 16, 16, 17, & 22. Donors were
  • Sandy for not uploading his picture to club runner
  • Kevin for keeping his surgery secret
  • Venky for not remembering the play Jan told him to see (Bhangin It at the La Jolla Playhouse about Indian music & dance)
  • Jon for scheduling his upcoming trip to Europe at the time of our anniversary party
(note the age of the wheel as our name included "Sunrise")
Bob Nascenzi, CEO & founder of Cristo Rey High School San Diego joined us on zoom along with Camila Tirado who Vicky presented with a $2000 scholarship
Zoe Swift, a fellow with The Office of SD County Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer, also joined us in person
  • Lew shared that the blood drive raised 37 units of blood, with 6 new donors (saving 111 lives)
  • Di reminded us of Feeding SD on April 5 that will serve over 600 families
  • Model UN is next weekend & RAW Day on April 30 will be at the Nature Collective
  • Paul reminded everyone to make their annual fund contribution to the Rotary Foundation (we need 17-18 more to donate to reach our goal of 100% participation)
  • Steve talked about the Power of Rotary in sending money and humanitarian aid to Ukraine
Our speaker, Jim Mendelson,  Foreman of the SD County 2021-2022 Grand Jury shared many fascinating facts about this organization made up of volunteers. Their mission is to represent the citizens of San Diego County by investigating, evaluating and reporting on the actions of local government and special districts. Common denominators with Rotarians & the Grand Jury is its Service Above Self and Is It The Truth.