Posted on Mar 04, 2022
Kevin reminded us to open our arms and our hearts to the people of Ukraine 
and Patricia pointed out what a great job Shelter Box does in helping with humanitarian relief
Happy $$ went for having George back home and Venky in person at the meeting, and it was great to have Mauer with us again. 
Malcolm joined us after missing  3 months due to cataract surgery/ closing his store in Fashion Valley/starting construction on new store  in Sorrento Valley (for twice the budget & half the speed) /selling home in Del Mar/buying compound in Encinitas for his family
Kevin explained how Model UN is a simulation of the actual UN with high school students becoming ambassadors for "their" countries & representing their political views on selected resolutions. All are welcome to visit the sessions on April 2 & 3
35 members & guests will be visiting the Wolf Education Center on March 12 (great job Patricia). 
Let Patricia know by April 1 if you will be attending the Anniversary Party on April 23. The Board has been deputized to help with the party
Join Vicky, Susan, Di, Suzanne, Herb, Sandi, & Steve at District Assembly on March 19 and/or sign up to help with/give blood at our Blood  Drive the same day
Other  news includes Vicky selling her home, Susan & Mark recommending riding the new trolley line to downtown, Lou is doing well and has been moved to the Aviara Rehab facility, Phil still has pneumonia but has reduced oxygen needed and will be back on March 16
Dr. Steven Dowdy gave a fascinating and high-level talk on the research  his team is doing which focuses on the development and delivery of siRNA and ASO therapeutics to treat cancer. Less than 1% of RNA therapeutics get into cells as opposed to 30%-70% of viruses
Vicky "presented" Dr. Dowdy with our Joshua Orphan Care Center (who we support) Certificate for speaking