Posted on Sep 24, 2021
Bill presented flowers to Vicky and Charlotte for the great job they did with LobsterFest (and brought a bottle of wine for Phil)
Everyone agreed it was a wonderful event and fundraiser - numbers to come!
Condolences to Di for the passing of her father-in law; Congratulations to Molly on her 5th wedding anniversary (she was here at the Hilton exactly 5 yrs ago); Jan was happy that she won the Reality Changers Over the Edge auction item where she will get to rappel down the side of a 30-story building (which we will make into a social); Susan was happy for a fabulous sailing day; and we were all happy to have with us Dan Gensler, current District Governor and his Chief Aid, Don Fipps
Dan shared with us that he joined Rotary a decade ago to grow his business but quickly learned that this is the most successful organization to eliminate human suffering by focusing on compassion, charity, and service. Dan is passionate about humanitarian causes both here and abroad and chaired  the Millions for Hope fundraising drive in 2015 that raised over $30 million in bequests and donations to The Rotary Foundation. He was inspired by Sister Ethel who left Ireland in 1972 for South Africa to help fight apartheid, where he has gone many years to distribute shoes and help the poor. And he has also been involved with Limbs of Freedom in Ensenada, Mexico where Rotary helps build prosthetics for the needy. He encouraged everyone to following RI President Mehtas lead to grow Rotary - each one-bring one; each one-keep one.