Posted on May 15, 2021
Words of Wisdom from our own District Governor, Steve Weitzen on his official Home Club Visit 
  • Many Rotary dignitaries attended our meeting in honor of DG Steve's talk. Members were ready to greet visitors and we started with a congratulatory mimosa toast. Steve told how an angel brought him to Rotary, but any member can go from  red-badger to club president to DG, as he did. He encouraged all Rotarians to  continue to be  warm and welcoming. Why we continue as Rotarians is because we want to change the world in service to others. He talked about the insidious evil in our country of human trafficking: organ, slave labor, and sex and the reason he instigated a $50K global grant to fight it. He ended with the reminder that Rotary opens opportunities to repair the world - to heal ourselves. Marty Peters ended the meeting with a "has been" sticker that he attached to Steve's badge.
  • President Herb shared Malcolm's video in honor of Steve (see link below)
  • Love is in the air as happy dollars were given by Art for the announcement of son Brandon's upcoming wedding at his place in Sayulita, Mexico and Di whose son proposed to his beloved on her & Al's  40th Wedding Anniversary 
  • And congratulations to Mami on her May 15 graduation