Posted on Mar 20, 2021
  • We were moved by the song Proud to Be an American that began our meeting today
  • Many members were happy & shared Small Acts centered around being with friends & family again and  helping neighbors
  • Pres. Herb, Beverly, Jan, Susan, Charles, Andy, & Charlotte have all signed up to help at the Del Mar Vaccine site - more are needed
  • Six visitors are interested in joining our club - Herb's goal is to have the most new members in his year as President. The draw - good speakers & ASK!
  • Paul requested Annual Foundation Contributions be in by May 31 and Lew needs workers for the April 17 Blood Drive
  • Thank you Art for picking up the tab at Viewpoint last Friday. Other members' dollars totalling $235 will go to the Community Service budget 
  • Del Mar Rotarian, Author, & Scholarship Originator Scott MacDonald gave an informative talk about the problems and issues with student debt.