Posted on Mar 03, 2023
It was a great day as Susan recognized George for all the wonderful things he has done for Rotary, his family, the community, and the world
We faced a beautiful picture of San Diego & snow capped mountains from 1989 - which it looks like today after our recent storms, as Steve reviewed Rotaries 7 areas of  focus: Peacebuilding, Disease Prevention, Sanitation, Child Health, Education, Economic Development, & Environment
And it was nice to see Sibylle with Kevin, Charles Koll back for his 4th time,  and Jerry, a visitor from Atlanta. Patricia and Susan gave huge accolades to Barbara, Barbara (Fish), and Molly for taking all the items from our locker. Let Susan know if you can store 4 bins of lobsterfest items. And thank you to Bill & Suzanne who will host the demotion party on June 11
Patricia gave a touching update on Shelter Box and showed the major countries where they are helping the 85 million people who are displaced due to violence or turmoil in the world: Turkey, Syria, Ukraine, Pakistan, Mozambique
Molly reminded everyone that next Friday's meeting will be a membership day, so invite your friends, colleagues, acquaintances to hear John Van Cleef, CEO of the CRC
Di clarified that Rotarians at Work Day will be on April 29 from 9-1 which we will be doing with the Solana Beach Eco Club and Encinitas Rotary
We had a great update on happenings in Solana Beach from Lesa Heebner, Mayor, which could also be viewed live on facebook.  SB is the 2nd smallest region in the area with 3.4sq miles and faces the same issues as Del Mar - affordable housing and issues with multi-property dwellings. The third phase of the $7MM government grant Corridor Improvement Project is underway to make street more user-friendly and safe. Susan let Lesa know that we will be making a donation in her name for speaking with us, to OEF, a non-profit we support in El Salvador that focuses on children's health and education. 
And some were fortunate to hear Kevin's beautiful playing as we left the Hilton for the day