Posted on Sep 17, 2021
Vicky began the meeting with the following quote and thanked all her LobsterFest committee members for the fabulous job they have done. We are expecting about 260 people, and have raised over $12,000 in the online auction to date
Happy Dollars included Happy Birthday wishes for Susheela & Nicole; a $1000 check to the SD Foundation from Charles' friend; Charlotte for her auction intern Mauer, who joined us today; Patricia for a night at the fabulous Shell; Jan for a fun impromptu gathering  at Viewpoint where Malcolm supplied beer & munchies; Ken for surviving his 1st week at his new Seattle job; Bill for Phil & all his hard work; Andy for a very memorable 9/11 rememberance ceremony at Di's where as they reflected on those who died, a new life was being born by a participant on zoom
Charlotte won this special shirt as part of the We Are Baack drawing
Patricia as fine master again caught members lacking in knowledge about our members as three could not identify Susan as our President Elect. Paul escaped a fine by identifying Jan as Public Relations/Media Chair
Susan shared with us the beautiful booklet done by and about the women in A View, the non-profit in India started by our member Suchandra, to help & empower women with mental illness. She also showed us the fine quilts available in the LobsterFest auction that were made by these women
Visit for more information
Susan also raved about the District Conference that she, Mark, Vicky, Beverly, and Herb attended and shared a video of Steve Brown's presentation on current happenings in Afghanistan. The future of the schools they built and support is uncertain, as there is a financial crisis right now. They are also  helping with visas for eligible Afghans who assisted them. He reminded Rotarians that the programs they funded were not sustainable without our help, but the capacity building they did in education and internet skills will be long lasting and very worthwhile.
LobsterFest Here We Come - tomorrow, Saturday, 9/18, 5-8pm