Posted on Oct 13, 2023
Greg McGuire , the Director of Strategic Partnerships for +BOX ( introduced us to his grass roots efforts to bring healthful food to North County elementary students and their families. Greg started this service which helps deliver perishable fruits and vegetables from local farmers and foodbanks to families who are “Nutrition Insecure”. He explained that many of the traditional food banks provide an excess of carbohydrates in the form of shelf stable food. The fresh food provides recipients with more variety, vitamins, and joy around the table. 

The program packages the food in plain boxes, and passes them out to families in need through a school-led referral system. The organization seeks to make it as easy as possible for families to pick up the produce in a manner that is sensitive to the social stigma that may cause hesitation by families who could truly benefit.
Greg works to form strong, lasting, mutually-beneficial partnerships with other nonprofits, government agencies, and change-making stakeholders. In addition to his role at +Box, he is Co-Chair of the North County Food Policy Council. 
Using his leadership positions in multiple organizations, Greg champions immediate action and the pursuit of wider, systemic change. 

Beyond the scope of nonprofits, Greg enjoys the natural spaces of California (Yosemite being his favorite), spending time with his fiancée and their dog. He was born in Texas and still enjoys rooting for his hometown (Dallas) sports teams. His parents provided him with examples and opportunities through scouting and other activities to love nature and serve others. These two values have become the pillars of his life, helping to guide his learning and professional careers. Greg has now lived in California for more than a decade and graduated from the University of San Diego with a Master’s of Nonprofit Leadership and Management, strengthening the foundation for a career in youth and family services and environmental stewardship.