Posted on Jul 11, 2023
A New Rotary Year... A New Rotary Theme, and some thoughts from Rotary International President Gordon R. McInally.
Our own Del Mar Solana Beach club president, Malcom Koll, kicked off the first meeting of the year by having members think about the the types of projects that will grow the impact of our club and offer Hope to our community.
1. Will the project break a negative cycle?
2. Is our involvement short term?
3. Will our impact last well past our involvement?
4. Will it encourage involvement from the community?
5. Will the person or people we help feel the need to help others.
Vicky Mallett presented the LobsterFest goal of $36,500 for the 2023-24 year. This is the club's major fundraiser, and supports the local and international project supported by the club. Costs have definitely gone up this year, so we'll need everyone's support to meet the goal.
Our latest new member, Robyn Bailis (second from right) was pinned by Paul Butler, Di Shimkus, and Molly Fleming.