Posted on Jun 27, 2021
Thank you Bill & Suzanne for hosting a wonderful Demotion Party & Patricia for being the fabulous Master of Ceremonies
Kevin started the activities with a history of the gavel being stolen that started with his Presidency 29 years ago, and then the Random Acts of Kindness began after a scrumptious meal 
Bill presented Herb with the golden gavel for a job well done without one for the last few months; Vicky gave Herb a new shirt to replace the blue Rotary one worn at most meetings; Art, as chief physician, presented Herb with a bag of food (pickeled herring, spam, kippers, vienna sausage, etc.) to supplant all the breakfasts Herb missed running the meetings; Herb admired the watch given him by Phil (which Malcolm engraved) as a reminder of meetings starting late even though Herb was at the Hilton by 6:30; after Molly presented a wig for Herb in memory of all the comments about hair this year; Patricia gave Herb a picture showing his gavel travelling the world; Charlotte was overjoyed to unload all the auction paraphenalia to Herb as new auction chair
And at long last, Herb recovered his gavel with the help of Tootsie II, given him by Jan and passed it on to Vicky as incoming President before the end of the night
Herb gave out lots of trophies & awards but none more worthy than to his wife, Beverly, who has done an outstanding job at Program Chair - and love was in the air for the whole Liberman family
We toasted  Steve as he received this District Governor  pin from Herb, so beautifully designed & crafted by Malcolm & Charles Koll Jewellers (yes we want to see the pin AND YOU, Steve)
And we ended the lovely evening celebrating two other milestones - Jon's 77th Birthday and Kevin & Sibylle's engagement which was recently made official