Posted by K2 on Oct 27, 2017

Gary Sinclair is “Changing the Face of Therapy” through the use of memory energy therapy. His patented process, Soul Link, has proven to neutralize the negative charge out of ANY memory in seconds, including PTSD. Soul Link is passing 10,000 clients with no failures or abreactions and a medical peer review confirmed success in 100% of 2,200 clients they studied.

While at our meeting Gary shared his incredible story, including overcoming 80% mobility loss after 14 years of Multiple Sclorosis. At the age of 36, he then went miraculously from 1/3 lung capacity, which started as birth defects, to full capacity in 15 minutes with a large group of witnesses. Six years later he became our National Amateur Senior Olympic Gold Medal Figure Skating Champion for the USA. In July of 2015 he overcame 14 TIA strokes within 30 minutes of each stroke even with body paralysis and loss of speech while staff at the UCSD Neurology Department monitored it all.

Today, at age 72, Gary Sinclair IS “Changing the Face of Therapy” by training people across the country and around the world how to use his memory energy therapy techniques to help others. For more information check out