Herb announced that he is the President-Elect and that Vicky will be next president after Herb and Kevin Cahill will be his fine master.
Paul announced that our DMSB club received the 100% participation EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year) award.
Bill Sutton displayed the CRC certificate of appreciation for helping with the holiday baskets and distributions. DMSB members sorted about 7.5 tons of bananas by removing them out of plastic bags so it can breathe properly and prevent them for rotting.
Patricia had some fun penalizing members that did not turn in any toys for the Military Toy Drive. This time it was Kevin Cahill's turn for a punishment. Please watch this brief fun video of Kevin trying to balance himself on one foot for 30 seconds :-).
Charles Foster presented his 1-minute talk about Rotary history. He mentioned that Rotary International's headquarters is in Evanston, Illinois and it has 6 international offices located in India, Europe/Africa, Brazil, Australia, Tokyo and Korea.
## "FBI in U.S. Embassies" by Allen Vitkosky
Today's speaker Allen Vitkosky has some very interesting facts and stories about the FBI operations at U.S. Embassies across the world. He has been with FBI for over 30 years and the past 3 years he has been in the Legal Attache (Legat) department in the international arena. He was posted in Riga, Latvia for the past 3 years, which is located across the Baltic Sea from Sweden.
There are 90 Legat locations overall and 27 sub-offices. Each location is manned by just 4 people. There are 353 FBI employees overseas out of a total of 35,000 employees and 13,000 are agents.
Bogata, Columbia was the location for the first FBI agent in 1940. EuroPol is where agencies of different countries exchange intelligence information and InterPol is just a reporting agency for information for and from all countries. He also talked about the major case of "Scan4You" that helped malware developers attack American businesses using malware.
At the end, DMSB Club President Venky Venkatesh presented the speaker with the Joshua certificate that represents our club DMSB donating school supplies to schools in Malawi in the name of the speaker.