Molly reminded us to plant seeds of love to make a better world
It was wonderful to have Phil back (though a little hoarse); Jan recalled her retirement 11 years ago today (& it was no April Fool's joke); Paul was happy to have Mary Beth back after batching it for a week; Susheela was happy to spend time with her sister from India showing her the Bay area; Susan was happy to encounter Kitty on Mark's birthday and joined her for  a lovely evening; Bill anticipated being happy after Model UN; Di is anxiously awaiting her son's marriage in 3 weeks
 Sandy avoided another fine by uploading his picture to club runner; but Fine Master Bill fined members for not wearing their Rotary pins, and Kevin, Jon, and Molly for not acknowledging recent birthdays of spouses/spouses to be
Susan reminded everyone of our Visitors Day next week with District Attorney Summer Stephan which will be in person only - not hybrid
Check the calendar for other upcoming events. Patricia confirmed a  Coastal Farms Tour on July 17
People should know that we're a pet friendly club as shown by Beverly and Tootsie
We enjoyed hearing about The Enchanted Tail and Opera 4 Kids from founders & renowned opera singers Bernardo Bermudez and Victoria Robertson, who will again be highlighted at the 7-Way Meeting on April 20