Speaker Date Topic
Dave Jones Oct 18, 2019
Mental Illness and Suicide
Taryell Simmons Oct 25, 2019
Embracing Diversity and Inclusion
Lauren Welch Nov 01, 2019
Urban Corps’ Dual Focus Program. I am the Development Manager.
Dan DeSaegher Nov 08, 2019
Safe House Project
Hunter Christian Nov 15, 2019
Villa de Vida
David Wellis, PhD Nov 22, 2019
San Diego Blood Bank
DARK***DARK*** Nov 29, 2019
Thanks Giving Holiday

No Meeting

Allan Vitkosky Dec 06, 2019
FBI Agents in US Embassies
To be announced Dec 13, 2019
“Pure Water San Diego Program: San Diego’s Sustainable Water Future.”
Maxie Gluckman Dec 20, 2019
Rotary Dollars at Work in Honduras
DARK***DARK*** Dec 27, 2019
Christmas Holidays

No meeting

Jeff Seay Jan 03, 2020
Sharing his story: Former NCIS Special Agent Turned Thriller Author

Neils Lund - info@sbeco.org ; www.sbeco.org 

Niels Lund is a Past President of Solana Beach Eco Club and is passionate about the environment, and in helping our community thrive. Through his 20 years of Rotary commitment, Niels has helped communities abroad and locally. He is now dedicated to educating and bringing awareness about solutions to the climate crisis.  As Rotarians we have the unique opportunity to take action to help our communities adapt to the changing climate, and implement solutions to reduce the impact of climate change. This Climate Reality Presentation addresses the following three questions related to the climate crisis:

*Should we change? What proof points are there that this is a real issue? 

*Can we change? Do we have the tools, technology and time to change? 

*What can we do as Rotarians to implement Climate Solutions?

OPEN Jan 10, 2020
Diane Crawford Jan 17, 2020
Helping Our Club Grow
Arranged by Others Jan 24, 2020
Five Way Club Meeting at Braille Center
Niels Lund Jan 31, 2020
Climate Solutions Within Our Reach
Shari Painter Feb 07, 2020
Birds Eye Aerial Drones