Posted on Aug 19, 2022
We had another great turnout of visitors to hear 3rd generation San Diegan & County Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer update us on what she and other representatives are doing about homelessness, the train tracks, human trafficking, rotating  in/out of  jails, vaccinations, and more
Charles' daughter Laura Robinson joined us, as did Paul's granddaughter Zulima Butler Litsey, Di's friends Kelly McCormack and Bill Paxton, Barbara Berkovich for the 3rd time, and Rosy from Casa de Amistad
Happy $$s came from Charlotte on her upcoming 18th wedding anniversary; Venky for 11 family members visiting; Nicole for swimming with the manta rays; George for his trip to Washing DC; and Jan for Malcolm & Charles Koll Jewelers fixing her dad's ski trophy from 1936 that she brought back from Seattle
Vicky presented Sushandra her first Paul Harris Fellow award for donating $1000 to The Rotary Foundation, and Art on zoom his PH+6 pin (a ruby) for donating over $7000 to The Foundation. Thank you & well done!!
Susan thanked everyone for helping with Casa de Amistad Back to School Registration & Math Festival (but fined herself for not wearing Rotary attire). We helped over 200 children & families with backpacks, school supplies, snacks/beverages, games, and books donated in loving memory of Patricia Case's son, Dan. 
Sushandra talked about her non-profit in India, A View, that helps women who have mental heath issues, and auctioned off 3 beautiful quilts that they made