Posted on Sep 10, 2021
Steve led us in prayer as we reflected on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11
  • Malcolm invited all to come to Viewpoint on Monday from 3-6pm when a film crew will be taping; Susan rightfully bragged about a 33 mile bike ride she & Mark did; Charlotte was happy for her & Scott's 17th Wedding Anniversary; Trish will be celecrating her mothers 97th birthday on the 13th; and Bill showed us the centerpieces that will be on two LobersterFest tables reserved for the military
  • Paul, as todays Fine Master, showed that members are not paying attention as three of our Rotarians on zoom could not name our current  Club Secretary - Suzanne!!!!! But Susheela avoided a fine by giving the correct date for LobsterFest - next Saturday, Sept. 18!!!! Lew gave our next blood drive date as October 30.  Jon again won the We Are Baack raffle -  Batch & Box cookies.
  • Vicky shared that LobsterFest is currently at $42K gross plus $6K in auction proceeds. She is confident that we can reach $54K gross with everyone's help in promoting the auction and raffle. Linda has $100 gift certificates for the raffle from the Brigantine, Jake's, the Poseidon, Keis, the Fish Market, Pacific Coast Grill, In & Out, Patagonia Store, and Seaside Market, so encourage LobsterFest participants to bring cash or a credit card!!
We all celebrated our  newest  Blue Badge Member, Trish, as Susan shared the steps taken to reach this goal and presented her with her new badge.  Susan reminded us to invite friends and associates to Rotary - Trish came from a long-time Rotary family, but no one had asked her to join until now. We are happy she did - Congratulations Trish!!!
Anil Srivatsa, who is an active Rotarian &  has chartered two clubs, gave a passionate talk via zoom on the gift of life - organ donations. He has visited 44 countries and given over 550 talks championing the cause of Organ Donation with a goal of reaching a million donors with his message of compassion and fighting fear with love. He encouraged Rotarians to start Rotary Action Groups for Organ Donations. See the video he shared by clicking on the following link: or visiting the GOLA Foundation on Facebook
Nicole collected $200 from members to send to Anil's Go Fund Me page to help cover gas as he travels the world