Posted on Jan 16, 2021
It was nice to see Luis Carranza, Asst/Area Governor from Rancho Santa Fe
Lots of Happy Dollars were shared by members:
  • Paul for his & Mary's 42nd Wedding Anniversary on the 27th (the same date as Bill & Suzanne)
  • Susan for her 8th grandneice/nephew in 3 years, & able to schedule a vaccine shot for her mom
  • Charlotte sad/happy that her "baby" Lief is turning 9
  • US Citizenship for Charles' & Venky's cleaning ladies, & new baby boy for Nicole, former Rotary exchange student of Charles 
  • Bill to see his friend & best man of 51yrs, and Luis glad to see Bill who was club president the same year as he
  • Steve for all his club connections over the week
  • George for Patricia's help on the computer & especially for the huge plate of cookies she brought
Paul comfirmed that 12/30 members have made their annual Foundation donation, and shared a Foundation video:
Lew will head up another blood drive in April
Vicky, Susan, & Herb attended the District Membership Seminar & shared some ideas:
  • Reach out to alumni in good standing and set up a structure to accommodate them
  • Engage new members to learn more about Rotary
  • Get high-powered speakers from around the world to draw potential members
Nicholas Domingo, a Rotarian & Co-Executive Director of Call To Inspire and Captain Encouragement, spoke to us on how he went from a bullied youngster, to an angry athelete, and after a brain aneurysm, to a superhero helping to inspire children in K - 3rd Grades. He also inspired us!
"Our goal is to perpetuate positive change in the world, starting by and giving our children the tools to break the cycle of violence that is inherent in our society and the media. We need to use the world’s unprecedented inter-connectivity to wake up the new generations, and finally trade our apathy and isolation for the love and kindness of a more positive humankind. "
Due to the pandemic, they pivoted from school assemblies to the online space developing video content, youtube tv series, and games. For more information go to