It was great to have Felix back with us today and Joe Kuhn and  Monica Stuck from the Hilton, 
as we welcomed Joe as a new Corporate Member 
As Membership Co-Chairs Molly Fleming and Paul Butler made the induction and pinned him, all joined President-Elect Malcom Koll in congratulating him on joining the other 1.2MM Rotarians who do good in the world
We wish Susan & Mark Hennenfent a great trip to Rotary Headquarters in Evanston, Illinois where they are being honored  as Arch Klumph Society members and recognized as  Rotary Foundation's  highest level of donors
Malcolm wished Herb & Beverly a Happy Anniversary on the 23rd, but was not sure which one it is as different dates are showing in Club Runner under their profiles. He also shared that there are many more changes than his first time as President, such as more acronyms and  7 areas of service instead of 4. He will be focusing on Anti- Human Trafficking during his term. 
Thank you to Di, Herb, Malcolm, Charles K, & Barbara for attending the District Training last Saturday
Herb shared a request from Glenda Collins with Friends of Joshua to help with funds for Malawi, Africa after the devastation done by the
recent cyclone
Vicky asked that all donation to the Rotary Foundation Annual Fund (EREY) be made by April 30. It can be in amount amount above $25, and the suggested donation is $250
Nicole offered 10% off for tickets to Casa de Amistad's Celebration on April 29th, which Malcolm quickly grabbed by purchasing a table for 10
Paula Claussen and Doug Hoffman spoke to us today about Project Mercy Baja and the wonderful work their non-profit does for the impoverished in Eastern Tijuana. Not only do they  build solid and secure houses for those in need, but they are also building schools, supporting children's education,  providing needed food and water, and helping with sanitation.  Before they left, the club presented them with $255 collected at the meeting. 
Malcolm presented Paula with our OEF Certificate for speaking with us today, which shows our help to needy in El Salvador