Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Jan 25, 2019
Ken started the meeting announcing that today it was mainly to discuss DMSB club issues and Bocce planning.
Steve Weitzen gave a quick story about how he was invited to meet the incoming Rotary International President SUSHIL GUPTA at a local Rotary meeting. He said that was a big honor and he was able to discuss few interesting points with him. Mr. Gupta is from New Delhi, India.
Then we had Phil talk about increasing memberships to the club and how each current member needs to be an ambassador and invite guests. He suggested that we plan a social in March to attract more guests and provide some Rotary education.
Ken and Malcolm gave an update on Bocce - what happened last year and what we need to do this year. Key points highlighted were --
  1. Need more revenue and member participation
  2. Promote the "beer" part of the fest more
  3. Member participation needed during the "preparation" stages weeks before the event day
  4. The goal for 2019 is to raise at least $65K
  5. Patrica said her company Capital One has already committed $5,000!
  6. Steve has committed to $1,000
  7. Venky said he will bring $5,000 one way or another
  8. So, we are already $11,000 into the fund raising!! That is awesome!
  9. Charlotte is heading up Marketing as per Charles
  10. Molly will help with Sales
  11. Sanjiv to be involved in the web stuff and will help the Auction chair with Auction related technology stuff
  12. Bev has made a list of all the other volunteers
Following this we had a surprise Baby Shower and gifts for Molly Fleming. Her new baby girl is named RILEY! Patricia had secretly planned this session with all the members :-). Nice work Patricia!
Molly spent some time opening all the gifts and reading out the cards and each member gave her some quick "baby" advice.