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Giving back to the community is rewarding and fun.  On May 16th, DMSB members, family and friends joined together at Feeding San Diego to  package 700 pounds of Avocados, glean 400 pounds of Grape Tomatoes and put together 175 take home food care packages for school children needing a little extra nutrition help on the weekends.  Altogether, our two hours of fun but intense efforts supported almost 700 families.  
Everyone had too much fun to take pictures but a good time was had by all

Two member were honored this morning:
Lew Williamson by Vicky Mallett for his Rotary Foundation donations achieving a PH+4
and Susan Hennenfent awarded Charles Foster an Imagine Rotary pin for all his contributions to Rotary and our club over the years, saying he is a mentor to her and many other members
We were all impressed that Susan & Mark Hennenfent got to meet one on one with Rotary International President Jennifer Jones as part of their recognition of being new Arch Klumph Society members. She said its been an exhilarating and exhausting year!
The Casa de Amistad Gala was a wonderful night and Nicole thanked Charles and Viewpoint who supplied free  beer for the event.
Di was the big winner of the  Carlsbad Rotary raffle winning $2500 on a $100 donation (it helps to be generous) and Judy Hunt who often visits us when in town from her Colorado Rotary presented us with her club flag
Herb reported on our $9200 Grant to OEF in El Salvador and recognized Ildiko Tesak for her large contribution. We also send another $1000 per year in recognition of our speakers, as shown in the photo below when President Susan presented one to our member and speaker, Barbara Berkovich who spoke on ChatGPT and AI


We were joined by Solana Beach Eco Rotary & Encinitas Rotary for Rotarians At Work Day 2023
at the Nature Collective planting new growth in the La Orilla Restoration Site & weeding non-native plants in San Dieguito Park 
Orientation by Nature Collective staff & volunteers
La Orilla Restoration site where we planted over 40 new shrubs
Weeding in San Dieguito Park to get rid of non-native plants

DMSB Rotary spun off from the Del Mar Rotary Club on April 24, 1992
Best Wishes to all our members with Birthdays next week:
Patricia on April 30, Kevin on May 1, and Steve on May 2 along with a Happy 32nd Anniversary with Ava last week
 Happy Birthday, Anniversary with Alicia, and Rotary Anniversary all in April to Charles Foster 
And Happy Club Anniversary to Charlotte who joined us in April, 6 years ago
James Morrison, Paul Harris Foundation Society Coordinator for District 5340, helped us induct Vicky Mallett and Di Shimkus as new Paul Harris Society members, with a commitment of contributing $1000/year to the Rotary Foundation
President Susan Hennenfent, Vicky Mallett, Steve Weitzen, Di Shimkus, James Morrison
Steve and Susan welcomed Di as a Paul Harris Society Member (she contributed $1000 to the Rotary Foundation both this year and last) and next level pins for contributing another $1000 to the Foundation to members Kevin Cahill (PH+6, receiving a pin with a ruby); Charlotte Jones (PH+2);  Herb Liberman (PH+4); and Beverly Liberman (PH+2)
They have helped DMSB Rotary  contribute over $389,000 to the Rotary Foundation
Well done and thank you!!
Calendar Items:
Rotarians At Work  Day, tomorrow 4/29
Club Social, May 11
Feeding San Diego, May 16
Our speaker today was Pam Maher, a Research Professor in the Cellular Neurobiology Laboratory at the  Salk Institute. Her research focus and talk was on Alzheimer's disease and factors that can contribute to the disease. She emphasized paying attention to the lifestyle factors which we can control. 
President Susan presented Pam with our OEF certificate and explained how we are helping the children in El Salvador with health, education, and nutritional needs and have been involved with this organization for over 15 years

7-WAY Luncheon Meeting with Area 4 Rotary Clubs 
Del Mar-Solana Beach, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe., Encinitas, Encinitas Coastal, San Diego Downtown Evening, Solana Beach Eco
DMSB Members George Sousa, Susan Hennenfent, Malcolm Koll, Jon Fish, Jan Parsons, Vicky Mallett, Ken Barrett, Molly Fleming, Paul Butler, and former member Radia Hunter
Our own Korean War Hero George Sousa
led the flag salute
Jordan Harrison, Rotarian & Vice President of Community Impact & Partnership for Reality Changers, was our keynote speaker and gave a motivational talk on the impact of Rotary & Rotarians.  Paulette Britton, RSF President was Host and presented Dylan Stolba a comfort bear for her 4-Way Test Speech on mental health.
Then each Club President gave an overview of their club's activities and priorities. Here is Susan talking about our community involvement with Stand Down and Blood Drives
And we ended the afternoon happy to see other dedicated Rotarians and feeling good 

It was a great day in Rotary as we inducted three new members -  Felix Singh, brought to us by Elena of the Santee Rotary club; and Monica Stuck and Yolanda Silva with the Hilton Corporate Membership, joining Joe Kuhn. WELCOME!!
Congratulations to Art on his new home purchase, with Paul's help, and Vicky's help with insurance; and to Barbara on her closing of Double B Ranch in the Columbia River Gorge area
Welcome back to Venky who went to Iceland to see the Northern Lights and to Susan who was visiting Rotary Headquarters in Evanston, IL and her sister in Michigan
Here she is "shaking the hand" of founder Paul Harris and with Mark and 4 Past RI Presidents
Charlotte enjoyed lunch at Viewpoint Brewery with  friends visiting from Norway after a fun hike; Nicole was grateful for apple Care after her phone landed in the water; and we were happy to hear that Patricia has an ablation scheduled next week to relieve back pain 
Vicky reminded members to contribute to Rotary International Annual Fund by April 30 and shared pictures from our first project in El Salvador as a result of funds available through a Foundation Grant - building a school and vocational center. 
And where we continue to help 15 years later
Vicky was recognized by Susan with an Imagine Rotary pin for all her contributions to the club
Art is our new auctioneer extraordinaire as he collected $360 for 3 Ukraine Rotary pins - thank you Venky, Jan & Herb
Please visit our  Upcoming Events for more information and to signup for Feeding San Diego and Rotarians At Work Day and our 7-Way Meeting on April 19 (we will be dark on the 21st)
Jordan Karney Chaim, an art historian and Curator for the Institute of Contemporary Art San Diego, gave an interesting, informative talk about this institution that is in Balboa Park and Encinitas. Their mission is to present experimental art and learning with a mission to question everything - and their focus next year will be on the interface of art and science using human data. They also have a sculpture trail overlooking the San Elijo Lagoon that is inspired by the coastal landscape.  A good time to visit ICS North will be on April 29 at Casa de Amistad Gala
President Susan presenting Jordan with our OEF certificate for speaking with us today

Congratulations to Nicole Mione-Green & Kevin Cahill on another fabulous Model UN at Del Mar City Hall 
and to the students with  Casa de Amistad who did a great job representing So. Korea & India
Students and supporters from our club
Nicole, Alex, George, Edmar, Yaretzi, Jan, and Kevin
(Yadira missing from picture)
  Edmar and Alex presenting positions on space debris 

It was great to have Felix back with us today and Joe Kuhn and  Monica Stuck from the Hilton, 
as we welcomed Joe as a new Corporate Member 
As Membership Co-Chairs Molly Fleming and Paul Butler made the induction and pinned him, all joined President-Elect Malcom Koll in congratulating him on joining the other 1.2MM Rotarians who do good in the world
We wish Susan & Mark Hennenfent a great trip to Rotary Headquarters in Evanston, Illinois where they are being honored  as Arch Klumph Society members and recognized as  Rotary Foundation's  highest level of donors
Malcolm wished Herb & Beverly a Happy Anniversary on the 23rd, but was not sure which one it is as different dates are showing in Club Runner under their profiles. He also shared that there are many more changes than his first time as President, such as more acronyms and  7 areas of service instead of 4. He will be focusing on Anti- Human Trafficking during his term. 
Thank you to Di, Herb, Malcolm, Charles K, & Barbara for attending the District Training last Saturday
Herb shared a request from Glenda Collins with Friends of Joshua to help with funds for Malawi, Africa after the devastation done by the
recent cyclone
Vicky asked that all donation to the Rotary Foundation Annual Fund (EREY) be made by April 30. It can be in amount amount above $25, and the suggested donation is $250
Nicole offered 10% off for tickets to Casa de Amistad's Celebration on April 29th, which Malcolm quickly grabbed by purchasing a table for 10
Paula Claussen and Doug Hoffman spoke to us today about Project Mercy Baja and the wonderful work their non-profit does for the impoverished in Eastern Tijuana. Not only do they  build solid and secure houses for those in need, but they are also building schools, supporting children's education,  providing needed food and water, and helping with sanitation.  Before they left, the club presented them with $255 collected at the meeting. 
Malcolm presented Paula with our OEF Certificate for speaking with us today, which shows our help to needy in El Salvador

Our Korean War Hero & 10 Year Rotarian George Sousa drew a crowd of over 15 guests to hear him talk about his Korean War experience and watch an interview of him when he was in Washington DC as part of Honor Flight San Diego
Here he is with some of his family and friends who were there - Stacey Halboth with Honor Flight San Diego, friend and Snowboard Olympian Tessa, sons Jim and Bill with their wives 
George was 21 when he was drafted into the Army 2nd Infantry Division & headed to Korea, leaving behind a wife of 2 months, pregnant with their first son. He is the only survivor of the tank attack on Heartbreak Ridge for which he won a purple heart. 
Please click on link below to see the touching interview
Here, Stacey Halboth, who accompanied George on his Honor Flight, holds a newspaper article of George in the local paper upon his return from the war
George wants everyone to remember that this was a real war where over 36,000 Americans died; he is very proud of his unit saying the 2nd Infantry Division is 2nd to none; and wants people to remember to thank Veterans for the sacrifices they made for our country.  All gave George a standing ovation (Pictured here: Akilah Templeton, CEO of Veterans Village; Alicia Foster, Jon Fish, Monica Stuck, Human Resources with the Hilton; Nancy Starling, Carlsbad Rotary; Charles Foster, Joe Kuhn, Hilton General Manager; and Suzanne Sutton)
Acting President/President Elect Malcolm Koll presenting George our certificate showing our commitment and work with OEF and the children of El Salvador
On a lighter note, Malcolm  showed George dancing to the music in a Korean "Gangnam Style" video
Other Rotary news included Di Shimkus reminding members of the Nature Collective walk next Thursday, 3/30 at 9:00am & Rotarians at Work Day there on April 29; Paul Butler, Membership Chair sharing Susan's goal of going from 29 to 34 members; Sushandra Brahma updating us on the $32K Global Grant on organic farming that we are doing with her non-profit in Calcutta, India; and Nicole Mione-Green, Youth Chair, asking for funds to purchase business attire for our students who will be participating in Model UN on April 1 & 2. 


Another great Blood Drive -
Thank you Lew for organizing and Rotarians & friends for helping & donating

Visitor's Day was a huge success with over 12 guests to see the great work that Rotary and our club does
One of the highlights was inducting Charles Koll as a new member - the third generation of Kolls as Rotarians!! Proud dad, Malcolm pinned him, Paul as Membership Chair read the induction, and President Susan handed him his red badge, and then the club gave him a standing ovation. 
We were also pleased to learn that Joe Kuhn and the Hilton will be joining us as Corporate Members. Welcome all!!!
Herb connected us with Chikondi Dyson in Malawi who we are helping attend college and got an update on his activities
 Vicky showed a video and updated us on the status of the Rotary Foundation's  End Polio Now campaign and reminded us of their pledge of $50MM pledge toward this goal, which is matched 2x1 by the Gates Foundation. Herb shared that they have also made 300,000 grants totaling $15MM to Ukraine
John van Cleef, the CEO of the Community Resource Center and Encinitas Rotarian,  was our speaker today and updated us on the long range plans of  this wonderful non-profit that started as a bread truck in 1979. Susan showed some old photos of our 15+ year support  of the CRC, including the Holiday Food Baskets program 
Di, as Community Service Chair,  presented John two checks from our club: $500 for their Capital Campaign and $1000 for their Mental Health program. President Susan thanked him for being our speaker by presenting him with a certificate showing our support of OEF in El Salvador with the emphasis on children's education, health, and development
We hope we will see all our guests at our social next Thursday, 3/16 at Bushfire Kitchen in Del Mar starting at 5:30, which will take the place of Friday's meeting. Also mark your calendars for the 7-Way Meeting on April 19 at the Hilton

It was a great day as Susan recognized George for all the wonderful things he has done for Rotary, his family, the community, and the world
We faced a beautiful picture of San Diego & snow capped mountains from 1989 - which it looks like today after our recent storms, as Steve reviewed Rotaries 7 areas of  focus: Peacebuilding, Disease Prevention, Sanitation, Child Health, Education, Economic Development, & Environment
And it was nice to see Sibylle with Kevin, Charles Koll back for his 4th time,  and Jerry, a visitor from Atlanta. Patricia and Susan gave huge accolades to Barbara, Barbara (Fish), and Molly for taking all the items from our locker. Let Susan know if you can store 4 bins of lobsterfest items. And thank you to Bill & Suzanne who will host the demotion party on June 11
Patricia gave a touching update on Shelter Box and showed the major countries where they are helping the 85 million people who are displaced due to violence or turmoil in the world: Turkey, Syria, Ukraine, Pakistan, Mozambique
Molly reminded everyone that next Friday's meeting will be a membership day, so invite your friends, colleagues, acquaintances to hear John Van Cleef, CEO of the CRC
Di clarified that Rotarians at Work Day will be on April 29 from 9-1 which we will be doing with the Solana Beach Eco Club and Encinitas Rotary
We had a great update on happenings in Solana Beach from Lesa Heebner, Mayor, which could also be viewed live on facebook.  SB is the 2nd smallest region in the area with 3.4sq miles and faces the same issues as Del Mar - affordable housing and issues with multi-property dwellings. The third phase of the $7MM government grant Corridor Improvement Project is underway to make street more user-friendly and safe. Susan let Lesa know that we will be making a donation in her name for speaking with us, to OEF, a non-profit we support in El Salvador that focuses on children's health and education. 
And some were fortunate to hear Kevin's beautiful playing as we left the Hilton for the day

It was great to have Area 4 Presidents & Governors with us today 
Our Invocation from Suchandra, who is back from India after 4 months
We were also happy to have back Judy Hunt from Colorado, Charles Koll from Viewpoint for the 3rd time in anticipation of becoming a new member; Leif Halgrim with mom Charlotte, and Don Wells with Just in Time for Foster Youth, who we presented a check to for $6488.97 as one of our LobsterFest Major Beneficiaries. This is the 20th Anniversary for Just in Time, and we have been one of their main supporters from the beginning. 
Let Susan, Malcolm or Patricia know if you are interested in any of items from our locker as we clean out
A fun time was had at our social last Thursday at Bushfire. The next will be Thursday, March 16
Joe Kuhn, General Manager of the Hilton where we meet,  gave a fun talk about his life in the hotel industry where he started as a housekeeper and rose to regional manager. He considers himself an Innkeeper - taking care of guests, employees, and owners, and works under the management style of Fun, Fair, and Firm. The Hilton is part of Aimbridge Hospitality, the largest franchise hotel industry in the world. 
Susan was proud to present Joe with our OEF certificate showing our support for needy children in El Salvador

We had a great turnout today - a reflection of the great job Susan is doing as President
We welcomed visitors Mark Hennenfent, Barbara's guest Lola, Charles Koll from Viewpoint Brewery, and Evan Bridgham from Country Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer's office who mentioned the $500/month rental subsidy for qualifying seniors (contact their office for more info)
  • Paul proudly attended the swearing in by Governor Newsom last week of daughter Katie Butler as the Deputy Director of Hazardous Waste Management with a staff of over 300 people - Congratulations!!!!
  • Art was able to visit with his son Brandon who was home from his job in the Capital Hill office of Sarah Jacobs
  • Happy Birthday to Molly's Finn who turns 3 next week
  • Nicole shared that Casa de Amistad has raised over $9K for one of their families affected by the earthquake in Turkey 
  • Charles invited all to the fundraising event at Viewpoint for local Ukrainians who have been displaced by the ongoing war
DINNER 6:30-9:30 FOR $120/pp
Vicky shared a Rotary Foundation video and highlighted the seven areas of focus
Susan recognized Di Shimkus with an Imagine Rotary pin in recognition of all the great work she does with Community Service for our club, her work, and her personal life
Social at Bushfire Kitchen next Thursday, 2/16 from 5:30-7:00 and dark on Friday
Nature Walk led by Di after our 2/24 meeting
Patricia invited Rotarians to an upcoming Shelterbox online event on 2/28 at 9:00am which will give a briefing on their humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine
Our speaker today, Chris Khoury, MD has been recognized for his many environmental contributions by the State of California, County of San Diego, Cities of San Diego & Escondido, and the San Dieguito River Park. He shared that the climate crisis is real and as Jonas Salk said "We have no greater responsibility than to strive to be good ancestors". Visit https://citizensclimatelobby.org for more information. 
Susan presented Dr. Khoury with our OEF Certificate showing our help to children in El Salvador

Susan spent a wonderful week with her mom in Arizona
Patricia encouraged everyone to get a heart workup to catch any blocked arteries like she had
Beverly was the high bidder at $75 for a Rotary/Ukraine pin that Bill supplied
Malcolm is off to PETS this weekend along with Steve, reviewing duties as President-Elect
There is one day left to donate to the Kitty McGee Memorial Fund in honor of our long time friend and supporter. We have raised $540 to date
Herb reported that we have raised $4100 ($2300 from club members + $1800 from our international budget) for our project to help kids in El Salvador through OEF, which will be matched by Ildiko. 
Click on this link to watch a video of some of their activities: https://youtu.be/6byI_FPdLiE
The next blood drive will be March 18
Susan & Barbara attended the membership workshop on zoom last Saturday, which focused on attracting young professionals. When looking for new members, remember how much Rotary has done for you and pass on that opportunity to others so they can also benefit 
We were happy to have the Mayor of Del Mar, Tracey Martinez speak with us this morning. This female, Latino, nurse has been on the City Council for three years and will be serving in this rotating term as mayor for one year.  She feels that one of the most difficult tasks ahead is meeting the affordable housing requirements and dealing with ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) and SP9 expansion issues. On a happier note, the City will receive $300 million to do an environment study on moving the train tracks off the bluff.
Susan presented Tracey with our OEF certificate that the above video highlights of our activities in El Salvador

Thank you Di on leading us on a wonderful walk 
through the San Elijo Lagoon in honor of our $5000 District Grant to the Nature Collective

Vicky started with a John Wesley invocation
Welcome to visitors Tessa, who represented the U.S. in snowboarding at the  Olympics in China; Judy, a Rotarian who divides her time between Del Mar & Colorado; Mauer, who we're always glad to see with Charlotte; and Luis Carranza, District Governor Nominee Designate
Happy Rotarians included:
  • Paul who with George & Bill attended the ceremony of retired Navy Capt. Royce Williams who was awarded the Navy Cross for his exploits during the Korean War
  • Barbara who shared with other Rotarians her wine tasting event won at LobsterFest 
  • Herb & Beverly for a great trip to Egypt, Paris, and Normandy
  • Charlotte for Lief's  11th birthday
  • George for his invitation to visit Korea with grateful Korean war survivors 
Di shared that we will be giving Feeding San Diego $500 from Community Service funds, and will be helping again at afternoon shifts to sort food. Also, the Mental Health programs at the CRC will be receiving $1000 from the CS budget. Di helped count and interview the homeless in North County last week
Kevin & Nicole reported that the Model UN training went well with 39 teams, two which we are sponsoring from Casa de Amistad who will be representing South Korea & India
Patricia reminded us that the 3rd Thursday of each month will be a social at Bushfire Kitchen in lieu of the Friday meeting
Malcom reminded us that today is
And on a lighter note, they celebrate  Ginuary all month in the UK
We were honored  to have Dr. Michael Mantell as our speaker today. He is a world renowned behavior science expert and author, well known for his book "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff PS: It's All Small Stuff." He praised Paul Harris for starting in 1905 an organization that puts Service, and Others  Above Self and reminded us that the link is what you think; space is power; your emotions are your responsibility; and its important to incorporate acceptance and flexibility in ones thinking. As he quoted from Voltaire: "Life is a wreck, but we must learn to sing in our lifeboat"
Malcolm, as Acting President,  presented him our certificate that shows our support of OEF in El Salvador

Another fun social at Bushfire Kitchen in Del Mar
President Susan leading the toast to good friends & family

We wish Herb a speedy recovery from Covid
A new banner greeted members as they entered the meeting room
Steve reminded us that Arch Klumph started the Society named after him in 1927 to recognize donors who have contributed  $250,000 or more to the Rotary Foundation. Recent new members Susan & Mark Hennenfent will be going next March to the Rotary International headquarters in Evanston, Illinois to watch as their portrait is placed in the Arch Klumph Society Gallery. 
Vicky shared a touching Foundation video and awarded Jan her Paul Harris +3 pin (with 3 rubies) in recognition of her contributions to the Rotary Foundation
Susan encouraged all to attend The Membership Seminar - How to attract & engage with young professionals which will be via  zoom next Saturday, 1/21 from 9-10:30am. We are all part of Membership, and need to grow our club
or join Kevin & Nicole at the Model UN training session the same day - 8:00am-1:00pm, Del Mar City Hall.  They also need Advisors for the Model UN students
Patricia invited all to see the King Tut immersive experience at the Del Mar Fairgrounds on February 2 at 11:30 before heading over to Viewpoint for lunch
Di shared that Feeding San Diego desperately  needs volunteers to help  sort to keep their vital operation functional. She will be heading up more work parties and encouraged members to contact them directly for other times to assist
We are looking for additional donations to reach our goal of $2200 continue our work helping children in El Salvador through OEF.  Let Herb or Susan know if you'd like to contribute. 
Nicole Mione-Green, club member and Executive Director of Casa de Amistad shared with us  how their volunteers and mentors help young people form  developmental relationships, which change their lives. These relationships help them discover who they are, cultivates abilities to be successful and thrive, and learn how to engage with and contribute to the world around them.  
After a wonderful presentation, Susan presented Nicole with our certificate showing our support for OEF in El Salvador

Art quoted Shakespeare in his invocation:
Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none
We are so glad Patricia went for an angiogram and wish her a quick recovery from the 4 stents they put in!! heart
Best Wishes to Malcolm & Venesse on their 39th Anniversary & to Bill for his upcoming 76th Birthday
Happy travelers over the holidays were Charlotte for  a trip to Puerto Vallarta with family; Art to Mexico, Alaska, & DC to see his son's new home; Jon to Chicago to spend with his grandkids, daughter, & wife
Nicole shared the following comic about superhero Rotarians that her husband found
Welcome to Rotarian Judy Hunt who was visiting  from Colorado
Jan showing off the Imagine Rotary pin given her by Susan in recognition of her work on our website and press releases
We were proud to present Casa de Amistad a check for $7364 as one of our LobsterFest major beneficiaries 
It was with great sadness that we learned that long time friend and supporter, Kitty McGee passed away on December 27.  
She provided countless hours of her time and brilliant graphic arts/marketing talents in support of our club and our fundraisers - Boccefest and Lobsterfest. A site for donations in honor of Kitty has been set up through the Rotary Foundation. Click below if you'd like to contribute
After much analysis, Treasurer Charlotte presented two options going forward for dues (club, district, international) which will be charged to all whether present at meetings or not:
Option 1: $206/qtr to include coffee but no breakfast
Options 2: $245/qtr with full access to the hotel breakfast buffet
Let her know your choice if you did not complete a ballot
Our own Di Shimkus (founder of Everyday Mindfulness who  has been practicing & teaching mindfulness for over 40 years), started our new year with mindfulness practices for every day. We learned that due to neuroplasticity the brain can be changed for the better and that the first 3 thoughts of the day can determine what kind of day you will have. 
"The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live wisely and compassionately in the present moment"

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