Thank you to our hosts, Alicia & Charles, for a wonderful Demotion Party,
and to the planners, Patricia & Suzanne 
After drinks and dinner, members Herb, Bill , and Charles thanked Vicky for a fabulous year and shared how successful & fun  her LobsterFest idea proved to be as our new fundraiser 
Then the roasting began with the lobster theme relevant all night.  Patricia presented Vicky with a stuffed lobster to cuddle and lobster sandals
Susan then surprised Vicky with a giant lobster that she could bring to the next LobsterFest and/or use in the pool
Kevin and Sibylle passed out champagne and Patricia led us in a toast to Vicky and the club
Vicky took to heart the warning to keep her remarks brief, before thanking her Board for a great, successful year and honoring Beverly and Herb as Rotarians of the Year
She  did a stalwart job of holding on to her gavel all year, but unfortunately it disappeared at the Demotion Party. Bill felt sorry for her and so gave up his last golden gavel
Just as she despaired of not having a gavel to pass on to Incoming President, Susan, Kevin came rushing out with a pot - could it be a gavel lobster pot? Yes!!!!
The evening was saved and Vicky presented George with patriotic beads to thank him for his service to the Country and to us for his years as Sergeant at Arms. And then the real celebration began!!!