Posted by Sanjiv Prabhakaran on Jan 17, 2019
The regular Friday meeting was replaced with this 7-way club meeting at the Del Mar Hilton. It was a packed room and Don Fipps from the Rotary Club of Del Mar kicked off the event. 
Each club's President gave a quick presentation and update about their clubs. Ken Barrett kicked that off with updates from Del Mar/Solana Beach Rotary club. The other 6 clubs that belong to District 5340 delivered their updates in this order - Rancho Santa Fe, Solana Beach Eco Club, Encinitas, Encinitas Coastal, E-Club of San Diego Global, and Rotary Club of Del Mar.
Following that we had a very inspirational talk by nationally known vocalist and country musician Amy Scruggs. Her life story was full of struggles and she talked about how she kept "re-calucalting route ..." each time she hit an obstacle or a challenge. She also started a non-profit called Voice For Heroes. She ended the program by singing 2 beautiful songs on the piano. He tag line is "Be Contagious, not Competitive".  She is married to Brad Galvan and they have 6 kids. Her full story can be read here.