Feb 14, 2020
Ben Conarroe
"PRO Mentors--Helping Men find their Way after Incarceration."

A native of Indianapolis, Ben Conarroe is a graduate of Indiana University in Bloomington.  He served as a campus staff member for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in Ohio for seven years, and since 1994 has worked alongside The Navigators US Military Ministry in Hawaii and San Diego.  He has led Christian studies in the Navy brig at MCAS Miramar since 1998.

From 2008 to 2011, Mr. Conarroe was part-time Executive Director of the Restorative Justice Mediation Program in San Diego, a Victim-Offender Reconciliation Program. 

In 2013, Mr. Conarroe pioneered the PRO Mentors Christian Reentry Program in the San Diego County jails.  This unique program connects male inmates with a Christian mentor while the inmate (or “PRO”) is still in custody.  The mentor continues to meet with the PRO after release, to help enfold back into the community.  Beginning with just six inmates in one class at East Mesa Reentry Facility (EMRF) in January 2013, the program now has two classes at EMRF and one class at the Vista jail.  Over 400 inmates have attended the classes, and over 100 have been involved after release.